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  • Android version of 3D Logo Quiz released

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    After over 350.000 downloads on Windows 8, we have finally released an Android port of our popular 3D Logo Quiz game. The game has specific layouts for tablets and smartphones to ensure maximum device compatibility.

    You can grab it from here:

    Android app 3D Logo Quiz on Google Play

    3D Logo Quiz for Android

    We have recently also released a major update for our Windows 8 version with 210 new logos.

    3D Logo Quiz Windows 8 package 2

    App on the Windows 8 store

    Finally, some bad news for all Apple fans. We tried to submit an iPad version to the AppStore several times getting rejected over and over again... :(

  • 3D Logo Quiz out now on Windows 8 for free!

    3D Logo quiz is finally out on Windows 8. You can get it here for free: 

    We have also updated our Windows Phone version to match the style of the new Windows 8 version:

    Stay tuned for the iOS and Android versions!!

  • Website Launch

    Nigmalab finally has a website. Here you will find all the information of our games, plus updates about our upcoming projects. 

    Currently we are working hard on our Windows 8 and iOS ports of "3D Logo Quiz"!